About Us

Are you in need of a taxi in Perth? Maxi and Wheelchair Cabs in Perth is at your service around the clock. You can call us right now or book a cab through our website. Maxi and Wheelchair Cabs operate a vast fleet of Maxi taxis, which includes vehicles of varying capacities. Our service area encompasses the entirety of Greater Perth, and we pick up and drop off passengers at Perth Airport.

You have the option of paying the conventional meter prices (normal rates) or choosing to pay a set fare in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises caused by traffic. We are able to process payments made with Eftpos as well as valid TUSS vouchers.

  • Maxi Taxis and Wheelchair Taxi Perth
  • Phone: +61 470 406 597
  • Address: 4 Oldenburg way, Forestdale WA 6112, Australia
  • Email: maxiandwheelchaircabs@gmail.com
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