Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Perth

With Maxi and Wheelchair Cabs, enjoy the best wheelchair accessible taxi service in greater Perth. We are your dependable travel companion, offering skilled and dependable transportation for those with disabilities. Every time, a cheerful and comfortable ride is guaranteed thanks to our highly educated drivers who attend to all of your needs. Just make a call (+61 470 406 597) to book your wheelchair-accessible maxi taxi.

The wheelchair taxi service offered by Maxi and Wheelchair Cabs is one that is very experienced. Our drivers are kind and considerate, and they have been taught to give persons with disabilities a highly professional and personalized service. Additionally, they are knowledgeable about how to carry wheelchair-bound passengers in a secure manner. We accept TUSS vouchers.

What is Wheelchair Accessible Taxi?

A wheelchair accessible taxi, commonly referred to as a wheelchair-accessible vehicle (WAV), is a specific class of taxi that is outfitted and built to carry customers who use wheelchairs or have other mobility issues. Our mobility taxi van have been adapted to make it simple for people with impairments to board and travel in luxury while still using a wheelchair.

Wheelchair accessible taxi Perth

Affordable Travel with TUSS Vouchers at Maxi and Wheelchair Cabs

What are TUSS Vouchers?

The Cab Users’ Subsidy Scheme (TUSS), which supports those who find it difficult to utilize normal public transport, includes TUSS coupons. You can get a book of TUSS coupons, which can be used to get a deal on taxi rides, if you or the person you are making the reservation for is a member of the programmed.

Your Discounted Ride

When you travel with a TUSS voucher, you can enjoy reduced taxi fares, making your journey more budget-friendly. Just inform us about your voucher when booking, and we’ll be glad to assist you with the discounted rate calculation. Our goal is to ensure a hassle-free experience for you, so if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Travel with Ease

You can depend on Maxi and Wheelchair Cabs for wheelchair accessible taxi in Perth whether or not you have a TUSS coupon. Our wheelchair accessible taxi is uniquely developed, and our caring drivers are educated to offer excellent service to customers with disabilities.

Book Your Ride Today

Let us be your reliable travel companion, providing you with a range of inexpensive and practical transportation solutions. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions concerning TUSS vouchers or any other part of your travel. We are here to help you and make your trip as enjoyable as we can. Travel with Maxi and Wheelchair Cabs and feel secure.

Why Choose Maxi and Wheelchair Cabs?

  • Accessibility: Wheelchair users may easily use our cars thanks to their particular accessibility features, which are designed to accommodate passengers with mobility issues.
  • Safety: Your safety is of paramount importance to us. Our vehicles undergo regular maintenance and adhere to all safety regulations, giving you peace of mind throughout your trip.
  • Reliability: We emphasize punctuality and take pleasure in providing on-time service to make sure you get where you’re going on time.
  • Courteous Drivers: Our drivers are not only skilled professionals but also compassionate individuals who prioritize your comfort and well-being.
  • Flexible Booking: We provide numerous booking choices so you can easily arrange your journeys according to your convenience.

We at Maxi and Wheelchair Cabs are committed to giving each and every one of our customers a smooth and comfortable journey. We have 5 to 13 seater maxi taxis for your transportation. With our dependable and easily accessible transport services, let us help you have a wonderful trip in Perth. Make a reservation with us right now to see the difference for yourself.