How to Travel from Perth Airport to the Perth CBD

When travelling to Australia, a trip to the capital city of Perth, which is also the name of one of the sunniest towns in the country, should definitely be on your itinerary. The nation’s capital is a stunning place to visit thanks to its enthralling past, breathtaking heritage, enthralling landmarks, extensive natural reserves, and breathtaking beaches.

You will arrive at Perth International Airport during your trip to the city of sun, which is located in Western Australia. There are three modes of transportation that you can use if you want to get downtown: you can take a taxi or a private transfer, a private shuttle, or a public bus.

If you want to get downtown, you have these three possibilities. Taking a private transfer or a maxi taxi from Perth airport is without a doubt the most convenient and pleasant mode of transportation. Taxis are readily available around the clock, and the trip into the heart of Perth city takes only twenty minutes.

Another option is to take the approximately 25-minute trip on the City Shuttle bus, which is not only more cost-effective but also more comfortable. Take one of the several public buses that run the route from the Perth airport to the city; the ride takes around half an hour and will save you money. This is your final option.

How to Travel from Perth Airport to Perth City by Taxi

When arriving in a new city and especially after a long journey, using a cab in Perth or arranging a private transfer is a fantastic way to get about. Taxis are not only accessible around the clock and give a comfortable door-to-door service, but they are also incredibly quick since it will only take them 20 minutes to get to your accommodation in Perth.

Cost of a taxi ride from Perth Airport to Perth CBD

Taxis in Perth use a taximeter to determine the cost of the ride depending on the amount of time and distance driven to reach the customer’s precise location. In addition, there are two different pricing structures in effect: day and night/weekend.

The fare for a taxi journey from Perth Airport to the CBD (Perth Central Business District) is approximately €24 (AUD 35) during the day and €37.30 (AUD 55) during the night. The trip takes about 20 minutes. Please be aware that there will be an additional airport surcharge levied in the amount of €2.70 (about $4 AUD).

If you want to have a maxi taxi waiting for you at Perth airport, then don’t hesitate to book a maxi taxi in Perth right now.

How to Take a Shuttle from the Airport to Perth City

The Perth City Shuttle bus offers passengers a convenient and comfortable alternative mode of transportation. The shuttle makes the trip from the airport to the hotels in the CBD in a short amount of time. Travel duration is around 25 minutes or longer, depending on where you get off the bus and how many other passengers are on board at the same time as you.

Perth City Shuttle Cost From Perth Airport

On the Perth City Shuttle, a one-way bus ticket costs €10.30 (about $15 AUD), and it travels between the airport and the city centre of Perth. On the other hand, a ticket for a youngster who is younger than 15 years old costs €5.50. (AUD 8).

Note that there will be an extra charge of 1.70 Euros added to your total if you choose to pay with a credit card (AUD 2.50).

How to Travel in a Public Bus from the Perth Airport to City

Taking one of the many public buses that run between the Perth airport and the city centre is a fantastic and budget-friendly alternative option. There are three different bus routes that operate along the route that leads to the Elizabeth Quay bus stop in Downtown Perth: routes 380, 40, and 935.

The journey duration ranges from about 35 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on the conditions of the traffic.

Cost of a Public Bus from the Airport to Perth City

A one-way bus ticket on either of the buses may be purchased for €3.30 (about $4.90 AUD) and is valid for two hours. You have the option of purchasing your bus ticket either directly from the driver or at one of the ticket machines located in the airport.

Please be aware that in order to travel to Downtown Perth, you will need to purchase a ticket that covers two zones.

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