The Best Attractions to See in Perth and the Rest of Western Australia

The largest state in Australia is Western Australia, and the capital city of that state is Perth. It is located on the banks of the Swan River, which received its name from the nesting black swans that may be found in the surrounding wetlands.

Another piece of information that caught my attention was the assertion that a particular section of the river takes on the form of a swan, and upon closer inspection, I found that this was in fact the case.

Over two million people call Perth home, making it the fourth most populous city in Australia behind Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane respectively. It was ranked eighth on the list of the most livable cities in the world in 2017. In contrast to the other major cities in Australia, Perth is a lot more laid back and has a lower population density.

This magnificent western state of Australia is home to a wide variety of exciting destinations and activities to partake in. When travelling in Perth with family or friends, you should hire your maxi taxi in Perth to enjoy the top attractions in Perth.


Swan River

The picturesque Swan River winds its way through the city of Perth before entering the waters of the Indian Ocean at the Fremantle Port. This lovely beachfront is easily accessible to the general public thanks to the construction of more than 50 kilometers of bike tracks and walking routes that run along the Swan River.

Biking, cycling, skating, and strolling are all quite common forms of recreation in this area. Fishing, sailing, windsurfing, and kayaking are all fantastic activities that may be enjoyed on the river.

The Swan River serves as a natural boundary between the city’s northern and southern suburbs. The Narrows Bridge, which serves as the connection between the two sides of the river, is crossed by the Kwinana Freeway. There is always a lively discussion going on among the locals on which bank of the river offers the most desirable housing options.

Those who have spent their entire lives living to the north of the river will argue that the quality of life on their side of the river is superior, and vice versa. Since I was born and raised in the south, I am inclined to believe that life is better south of the river.

Elizabeth Quay

The year 2012 saw the beginning of a new phase of development on the heritage-listed public area known as the Esplanade Reserve, which is located between the city and the Swan River. This phase included the construction of new buildings, apartments, retail stores, and landmarks. The location is now known as Elizabeth Quay, and it held its grand opening in the year 2016.

Elizabeth Quay is home to both a train station and a ferry jetty for passengers. In the surrounding area, there are a number of intriguing sculptures and water elements to be observed. The Elizabeth Quay landmark known as Swan Bells, which sometimes goes by the name Bell Tower, features a vantage point that looks out over the Swan River.

The tower is home to one of the world’s largest sets of change-ringing bells, which consists of 18 bells and is suspended from the structure.

CBD Shopping Malls

St. George’s Terrace, Murray Street, Wellington Street, and Hay Street are the primary thoroughfares in the central business district of Perth. Two pedestrian shopping malls that run parallel to one another in the Central Business District are known as the Hay Street Mall and the Murray Street Mall.

In addition to the numerous covered shopping arcades that run across the major streets in the region, each of the malls provides a diverse selection of shops and restaurants within their premises. Be sure to stop by the Piccadilly Arcade to browse through their selection of books, magazines, and technological goods.

The Trinity Arcade, which has the appearance of being Victorian, contains multiple levels of fashion retailers, antique shops, cafes, and a great deal more. The Allendale Arcade, Enex100, Carillon City Arcade, and Forrest Chase Shopping districts each feature a greater concentration of retail establishments.

London Court

Experience a little of London right here in Perth! The bells on the clock on the tower at the Hay Street end of London Court ring every quarter of an hour, and mechanical knights move about the castle as the clock strikes the hours. There is an additional clock located at the end of St. Georges Terrace.

The London Court shopping arcade, which can be found between Hay Street and St. Georges Terrace, features an open-roof design that exhibits the architectural facade of England during the Tudor and Elizabethan ages.

The London Court arcade is lined on both sides with shops selling souvenirs, apparel, and accessories in a contemporary style, and contemporary-style accessories. The vast majority of people are unaware that the London Court contains shops as well as offices on its top levels.

Stirling Gardens

The Stirling Gardens are the oldest public gardens in Perth, and they can be found in the middle of the city at the intersection of St. Georges Terrace and Barrack Street. They were first utilised for the cultivation of grapes and several other fruits by a colonial botanist by the name of James Drummond and were later called after Governor James Stirling.

The grounds first welcomed visitors as a public botanical garden in the year 1845. There are still some of the original trees here that are still alive and well. The gardens have had several upgrades in recent years, including the installation of statues and a water feature.

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